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Training Structure of AISECT CSC Project

AISECT ensures to train all its VLEs on various aspects of the CSC project for efficient delivery of all proposed services, particularly the delivery of G2C and B2C services. Monthly block level training programmes are conducted at AISECT CSC Districts on specific service delivery for the capacity building of the VLEs. AISECT has evolved its VLE Training schedule of Six Level training programme as follows :

T1: VLE Orientation Training
This first level of training is conducted at the AISECT Project Office. It is a one day orientation on CSC Project, National scenario of the CSC project, AISECT strategy for project implementation, guidance on setting up CSC, Hardware Package, connectivity options, available services and its delivery tools.

T2 : EDP Training
The second level of training is EDP. This is a 15 days training conducted at the District level. Training and Capacity Building at this level is managerial as well as skill based. This training has an entrepreneurship component focusing on the objectives of CSC Project and its outcomes.

T3 : Technical Training of VLEs
This is third level of CSC Training. Those VLEs who are not confident in handling IT operations are given basic IT application training of 15 days at the AISECT Block level centres.

T4 : Training on G2C Services
This is fourth level of CSC Training. This training is conducted at the District level and is based on G2C services available and its delivery method.

T5 : Training on B2C Services
This is fifth level of CSC Training. This training programmes is conducted at the District level and is based on B2C services available and their delivery mechanism.

T6 : Training on Online Services
This is sixth level of CSC Training. This training programmes is conducted at the District level and is based on Online services available and their application tools.


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